Services We Offer

Connecting Communities High-Speed Rural Internet

Our goal is to provide enhanced broadband services to rural communities, enabling the people who live there to enjoy the same levels of service that you would find in the major urban centers.

Services for Home and Business

We offer domain name registration, website hosting and business services ranging from e-commerce to networking, for businesses both large and small. By using best-of-class technology we are able to deliver enhanced services to any area that demands it, and our in-house developed Micro-POP technology deployment system enables us to deploy service to new areas faster than previously thought possible.

VoIP Phones

VoIP works by routing your phone calls over your Internet rather than through a traditional telephone line. The people who you call don't need VoIP or an Internet connection. All they need is a regular phone. When someone calls your VoIP phone, your phone rings as usual. The calls are crisp and clear, and does not require your computer to be turned on.

Bulk Bandwidth Sales & Service Custom Networking

More information to come