Fibre Optic

Where is Redbird Fibre available?

At present Redbird Fibre is available for residents in or near:

  • Casa Rio – Saskatoon (Fall 2017)
  • Cathedral Bluffs – Saskatoon (Fall 2017)

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For more information or to inquire about bringing Redbird Fibre to your community, please contact us.

What is Redbird Fibre?

Redbird Fibre is the evolution of rural internet, bringing secure, reliable internet to your home at speeds traditionally only available in the city. We utilize cutting edge equipment and decades of expertise to connect you to the rest of the world.

How fast is Redbird Fibre?

Redbird Fibre can achieve blazing fast download speeds up to 100 Mbps, and upload speeds up to 20 Mbps. In practical terms that means you can watch HD movies, play online games, enjoy high quality video conferencing, work online seamlessly, and much more.

Are there data caps on your fibre plans?

None at all. It’s tough to enjoy high-speed fibre internet if you’re constantly watching your data usage. With Redbird Fibre there are no limits!

Do you provide a wireless router?

No, Redbird does not provide a wireless router.

Are there fees for installation?

Simply put: yes. The longer explanation is that when you choose Redbird Fibre you add value to your home with cutting edge, future-proof technology that ensures high speed, reliable internet is at your service. Your fee allows for the establishment of the infrastructure to bring next generation fibre optic cabling directly to your home, and is based on a number of factors. Our service technicians will review the potential job site and provide you with a quote for service customized for your property. 

How reliable is Redbird Fibre?

Redbird Fibre is the most reliable form of internet currently available. Our service is not subject to environmental factors that would otherwise cause service disruption.


Where is Redbird Wireless available?

Please see our coverage map to view locations we are currently serving.

Is Redbird Wireless a satellite internet service?

No. Redbird Wireless is a land-based network of towers connected wirelessly that provides fast, reliable access to the internet.

Is Redbird Wireless better than satellite?

We certainly think so, and our customers agree! Compared to satellite service we provide a reliable product that won’t cut out every time the weather isn’t perfect. Not only that, satellite signals have to travel from space in order to reach you, leading to lags that slow down your access to the internet and make activities, such as video conferencing or online gaming, very difficult to do. Our land-based network provides a faster and much more reliable service for our customers.

Do you provide a wireless router?

No, Redbird does not provide a wireless router.

Are there fees for installation?

Yes. Standard installation costs $199.

I bought a router, will you configure it for me during installation?

No. We can only be responsible for the equipment we provide as part of your service.

Is it possible to self-install the equipment?

No. A Redbird technician will take care of installation for you, ensuring your wireless service is installed and optimized for best results.